Water sampling and analysis

Drinking water

Manusystems does drinking water sampling for analysis in accredited laboratory according to the parameters defined by Portuguese legislation (Decree-Law no. 152/2017 December 7th).

We can also do some field measurements!


We do punctual or composed wastewater sampling using automatic samplers for analysing in accredited laboratory. We can help you to establish the parameters to control, if the discharge is to a water line or soil (ELV according to Decree-Law no. 236/98 august 1st) or to the municipal collectors (ELV established by Wastewater Discharge Regulation of each municipality).

Hot water

Manusystems also does the sampling of hot water for Legionella analysis in accredited laboratory. You can choose between two methods:

  • Legionella by PCR analysis, with results in 24 hours;
  • Legionella by cultural method, with results after 10 days.

See our page about Prevention and Control of Legionella!

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