Pipelines Cleaning

The presence of biofilm in drinking water pipes is in general a serious problem. It is often a determining factor for water quality is not complying to legislation.This loss of quality usually occurs after handling pipe valves or simply after turning on pumping station. The change in the flow within the pipe leads to sporadic detachments of the biofilm, easily visible by the dragging of these particles and by changing the color of water. The direct consequence is the distribution of a cloudy water with suspended particles, which usually has a negative impact on consumers.

Despite all the efforts to treat the water, the detachment of the biofilm in pipelines can compromise all the work carried out upstream.

Manusystems has several technologies for cleaning drinking water pipes to avoid and solve the problems described, having the necessary know-how to evaluate and implement the best technology to each situation.


Due to its effectiveness and simplicity of implementation, AIR CLEAN WATER(1) is the most used technology in Portugal for cleaning water pipes.

Using this process, an effective cleaning is reached without the need for trenching, only using the hydrants of the distribution system.

(1) – The designation AIR CLEAN WATER replaces the previous WWAII – Washing with water and air injected into Impulses.

The AIR CLEAN WATER technology, exclusively applied in Portugal by Manusystems, consists of the controlled injection of air in a discontinuous way, calculated according to an algorithm using pipeline diameter, service pressure, pipeline material, length and slope as variables.

Combining all these factors, a process for detaching the biofilm is carried out and consequently the pipeline cleaning.

Download the leaflet about AIR CLEAN WATER!



In extreme situations, when biofilm is composed of extremely hard scale, such as some cases of limestone, cleaning is carried out using water jet technology with specific accessories for cleaning inside drinking water pipes.


It consists of the introduction of several cleaning-pigs inside the pipeline, which are dragged by the water, removing the biofilm deposited on the pipeline internal walls. The choice of cleaning-pigs to be used should consider, among other aspects, biofilm type, pipeline material, section and accessories.

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