Water Jet Technology 100-3000 Bar

Over the years, Manusystems has been working with Falch GmbH on technologic innovation and working processes, bringing on a lot of success for both companies and also for the clients. Theory and practise together make our world so much easier.

We value human resources, clients and suppliers. All of us are important. We value social and commercial ethics.

Competency to water jet!

Make the machines to work better, economically, ergonomically and environmentally friendly is our goal.

Who else can give you that?

For us selling a product is not enough. We work to establish a long partnership with you. We are connected to you, for more 15 years of experience.

Manusystems – Manutenção de Sistemas, Lda.
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Phone number: + 351 262 836 480
Fax: + 351 262 836 481

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