Nowadays we ask to our employees for speed and efficiency. Often we do not understand how can the deadline for a project be so late.

Distance between win and lose money is too small.

– Do you know that working with a damaged nozzle costs an efficacy loss of 35%?
Apparently is not much! For every 100€ of work, you have to add 35€ of waste. Are your client able to pay more?

– After so many years with the same water jet technology, is time to replace it. Are there new technologies? What safety rules should I obbey?

– I am satisfied with my machine but what else can I do with it? Can I do hydrodemolition? And washings?

– We are going to work abroad, who can provide technical assistance?

Anyway, there are many advantages. Try it! If you do not like it, we will give your money back.

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